Messy Wipe
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Messy Wipe


I walk into my bedroom, I’m ready to go don’t I look cute in my pretty spring dress? I walk around for a moment and feel a juicy fart, oh no I need to poop! There is not a bathroom and I have to go now, I lift up my dress and shit right there on the floor, I wipe but there is allot of extra poop on my crack that I do not notice, I pull up my panties and go on about my day. A few hours later when I get home I get undressed and touch myself rubbing my hands on my soft dress and panties , my pussy has been wet all day, I rub my hands over the butt of my panties and they feel wet! Ewww I didn’t wipe very well, now my panties are ruined I tease you with my streaked butt hole, and finish wiping.





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