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My Poo DiaryMy Poo DiaryMy Poo Diary

My Morning Poo Diary Compilation 7 Days


My very FIRST poo diary. I chose to document my best shit of the day and that is always the poo I take when I wake up in the morning and film it every morning over the period of 7 days.
My morning poo is always different and filled with surprises, I also pee the most along with pooping and pushing out more poo.
It’s the BEST feeling poo I take during the day and sometimes my morning poo will cause me to have an orgasm as I push out my unpredictable mud.
It is at it’s most potent in the morning and best of all this is the ONLY time I will ever film without my makeup on so you also get the “I woke up like this” face and hair.
My morning shit and piss is the worst because it collects during the night as I sleep and the second I wake up I feel my fullest, like I’m ready to burst I gotta go potty so bad!
I also decided to add in a bonus poo clip along with this diary compilation, It’s a POV yummy close up shot of my mud flowing and my champagne popping it’s cork after being all shook up.
2016 Panther Productions Entertainment


Length:  22:42s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 770 MB


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