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Multiple Inverted Milk and Water Enemas Part:1


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It has been over three days since my last bowel movement and I can feel the filth inside of me just dying to come out. In this video I am trying a couple of things that I have never done before so I’m very excited and a little bit nervous. I start out with a half gallon of milk and insert it while on my back with my feet over my head and my knees beside my temples pointing my puckering ass hole right at the camera. A huge turd plops right onto my neck in the first release. And then the real shit party begins after multiple water enemas follow that creamy milk enema. Fountains of brown shitty water gush out all over me again and again. Who knew a girl like me could be so full of shit?? THis position definitely brings on the deepest of cleanses I have ever experienced. I hope you enjoy watching me squirm as those anal geysers cover me in filth.


Length:  23:45s 
Resolution: 1280x720
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 2 GB


Hi, I am Abigail Dupree sensuous professional sex slave. I am kinky and dirty.

What is your fetish? I am tasked to please.

Master’s orders!

1 review for Multiple Inverted Milk and Water Enemas Part:1

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    5 out of 5


    This was amazing. I bought Parts 1 and 2 and I strongly suggest getting both. Put together, they’re some of hottest stuff I’ve ever seen.

    One really hot thing in part 1: she’s getting into position and says almost as an aside, “By the way, I haven’t shit for a few days.” It upped the anticipation by 11. Then the milk starts coming, and you can tell she’s a little afraid about how messy it’s going to be while also enjoying it immensely. About 13 minutes in, the milk’s color starts to change and get slightly browner. It made me wish she was going to do all of it using milk, but as it turns out the water that makes up most of Part 2 turned out perfect. Towards the end of Part 1, her ass started to naturally stay in a beautifully open, gaped position.

    Then came Part 2. I thought there’d be a lot of completely clear water coming out, but fairly quickly the water color went from clear to a gorgeous yellow brown and shit started expelling onto her body and face. YAAAAASSS!! And it kept coming and coming and coming. At one point, she thinks she’s finally cleaned out but she’s wrong–there’s more!

    Camera work was perfect throughout; it only moved when necessary to better capture the action. For the most part her body was fully in the frame so there was nothing being missed. Great job, I would buy 10 more. 🙂

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