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Nasty Diarrhea at Work!!! (2 clips in 1)


I ate some pizza the night before which is now making my stomach hurt and I know it’s gonna be a nasty one! I’m at work and I have to go so bad…just as I predicted, my shit comes out runny with all kinds of farting sounds, so nasty! While I’m on the toilet I think I hear my co-worker calling so I have to cut it short…but not to bother, I come back a second time and my poo is just as nasty!!! Diarrhea lovers will love this one 😉


Length:  3:24s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 151 MB

Hi guys! I’m ScarlettMarie and welcome to my store! I love to fart, shit out big poops and take the longest pees you can imagine! I’ve got it all on camera just for you! ;) 


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