Panty Pooping Babysitter
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Panty Pooping Babysitter


I am your babysitter, and we are playing a game you are to good at and keep winning, I know we made a deal , I cannot leave until we finish this game. But I need to use the restroom really bad, Ill be right back.  Ok just for another minute, No I need to go now I cannot hold it any longer. I stand up pull down my skirt and shit directly into my panties filling them with poop and pee . I tell you that if anyone finds out about this I will be the laughing stock of the school. You threaten me to expose me to everyone, so I make you a deal. Have you ever had an orgasm before? You say no and have no clue what I am talking about, so I explain and you agree. i start to pull down your pants and I comment on how small it is, I’ve never done this to anyone so young before, then I notice it getting hard and bigger. I suck you and stroke you telling you how your first orgasm will feel, cum for me little boy, I finish you off by hand. Now you promised never to say a word about this I turn around and look at the mess in my panties pulling them down, wondering how I will hide this from your parents arriving home any minute. I tell you if anyone finds out about this I will come back and shit into your mouth, so stay quite!





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