Panty Pooping To Pass The Exam
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Panty Pooping To Pass The Exam


” Thank you for coming on such short notice. I know you and Dad have been friends for years but still it ‘s very nice of you to come here as my private tutor. Sure makes sense too since you are the teacher as well. It was my Dad’s idea actually but I think it was a good idea as well. No, they went away for the week I have the whole place to myself.”  Although I have to be honest with you I don’t think no amount of tutoring could get me to pass the final exam. So I thought I I’d make you an offer. Remember that day when I had a little wardrobe malfunction as I was walking to my seat in class and my skirt went flying to the floor? When I turned around and saw your face , well I could see you looked more pleased than shocked. So how about I put on a little show right here tonight that very much involves the sexy panties you got to see that day? And then you give me an A no matter how I do on the exam. And this will be our little secret of course. Oh, we have a deal if you like the show. Well, I’ll take my chances.  ” Oops I dropped my pen”

” Look at these math equations, no way I will get the knack of them on time.  I want to tell you a story that happened to me on my way home that involves water sports. I know you like water sports you go scuba diving with Dad every year. I also like water sports, a different kind of, but water sports all the same.”

” I was walking home after evening class late last spring wearing the same dress I am wearing now. It was after dark and about half way I felt the need to pee so I cut across the park to get home faster. Not fast enough. I had taken only a few steps in the park when I felt a warm trickle of pee wet my panties. I knew I was in trouble. So I went for the shed where the workers must keep the lawn mowers and tolls or whatever. And I leaned my back against it. The warm pee between my legs made me feel quite horny and before I knew it my bladder unleashed the rest the pee as was standing there with my back against the wall. just like this.I must say it felt wonderful as it does now.”
” This little accident got me very turned on so I played with myself for a little while. And then I decided I should go home and make myself come. For some reason I did not feel like walking home with panties on so I took them off and put on a clean pair. I had that in my bag. I stood up and as I did I realized I had to poop as well. And that really turned me on. I knew right then that I was going to shit my clean panties and feel what it’s like. I could feel the pressure around my butt hole and it felt wonderful. So I pushed a little and held back, pushed again and held back. Did that a few times and it got me even more turned on. Finally I started pushing the poop in my panties, it felt amazingly good as it stretched out my panties just like this. I poop a huge amount into my white cotton panties !
” There was no waiting to get home to make myself come now, so I just sat on the towel and and played with my clitoris and pussy until I had a giant orgasm in my filled panties. I got up and pulled my skirt down and started walking home.
” So what do you say teacher, good enough for an A?”





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