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Pho After Math


This is the first time I’ve eaten Pho. My friends and I were farting up a storm in the car on the way home! When I get out of the car, I rush to the bathroom and start shitting into a ziplock bag. Looks like I don’t have the best aim when it comes to shitting in bags because its gets on the floor, along the side of the bag, hanging off, and some in the bag. Hours later, I have to go again. This time I chose the toilet but you can see I had left the mess on my ass from the previous time I went to the bathroom (seriously nasty). When I’m done shitting, I turn around, squat, and pull my cheeks apart, exposing my dirty ass! I sit back down and wipe my ass. Holy hell. I see there are completely undigested sunflower seeds in my shit so I make sure you get a nice upclose look 😉


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