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Poop then enema


I am a very dirty girl (in case you hadn’t noticed!) and I love it in my ass, in fact I plan on having anal sex tonight, so I need to prepare. First I do a really hard shit, pushing out a few logs very close to the camera. You can literally see every bump and detail of my logs this close-up. Then I start the enema, shooting warm water in to my tight little asshole with an enema bulb and then pushing it out, practically peeing out of my ass. I wipe a few times throughout and repeat the process until the water comes out completely clear.

Length of video not including titles/credits: 04:36

Format: 1080p mp4 (the video is much better quality than the GIF)


Length:  4:51s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 257 MB

Hey, i’m Kaidence, 19 year old English camgirl, video maker and sexy pooper.

Follow my toilet blog for updates.


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