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Pooping at my in laws place and blocking the toilet


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I am at my in laws place and I have to go for number 2. My in laws and my boyfriend are talking in the other room. The house is very tiny so I have no intimacy and I don’t feel very confortable. I am constipated again, my waste it’s very hard to pass. You can see my face while I push to get my shit out. I finally expulse 2 hard logs. I take the camera to show you inside the toilet bowl and zoom on my poop. I wipe my crotch and ass, flush the toilet and wash my hands. I look into the toilet bowl… it has not flushed correctly, there is still one log left. I flush again… Oh no, did I blocked the toilet? This is so embarassing! Since the house is isolated deep in the woods of Canada, there is no water pressure. I try to break the remaining log in pieces with my hand… eeew! Flush again… Take a rubber plunger. After a while I manage to flush everything! What a relief! The bowl is dirty so I clean it with paper, then a toilet brush. I flush again. Blow my nose and I am finally done.


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1 review for Pooping at my in laws place and blocking the toilet

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    5 out of 5


    Great video, very well done. Pooping and clogging toilet videos with hard turds are my favourite. Personally I would like in next videos like this is if you could show the poop while you are flushing it. Greetings.

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