Pooping My Silk Panties
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Pooping My Silk Panties


Hi Jess, come meet me at the front door I will let you in, you have done enough for me already.” What do you mean you have something for me? I should have something for you Jess. Anyway, come to the door I’ll open it.
Here Jess, have a seat you must be exhausted, Are you sure you don’t want some juice or coffee instead?” ” It is so kind of you to help me out the way you have been these last 7 days or so and I want to thank you sincerely” What is this Jess?” That’s cute, you got these but they are too small for you?” Jeez, thanks Jessica, I must say , I was not expecting that.”
” Well yes, I have been feeling better since yesterday, still not a hundred percent but much better thank you. I will be able to go outside today,something I have not been able to do lately. Heck, for quite some days I was not even sure if I would make it to the toilet or poop myself. Haha, very funny. I’m not sure you would have like to see that Jess it was pretty messy.Very warm but messy.What? You’re serious? Good God it’s me shitting my pants we’re talking about here! You’ re blushing Jess, you like this stuff for real? Well, I have not seen too many guys knocking on your door since you moved in a few months ago and you are the captain of a professional sports team so no I am not surprised to realize that you are attracted to girls but finding out you get turned on by the idea of one such girl pooping her panties I did not expect.Oh, you like girls who look like girls do ya? Yes , I did enjoy the sensation after the initial shock I admit it.The last couple of times my poop was firmer too and I liked that much better. Oh Gosh your face is bright red now Jessie, and I am am getting turned on by this kind of talk too. Well, I know you won’t accept money for all the things you have done. Jess, I think I might have an idea. Would you really like to see me fill my panties? Naughty girl you. Because it would be a very good way of paying you for everything if you like this kind of thing.Plus I really have to go.Just wait for me I will be back in about 10 minutes I will go and put something on other than this gown I am sick of it anyway. I better take these with me, just in case… ”
” She likes girls who look like girls does she now?” So you put on a sexy very short skirt, a cute push-up bra a nice blouse and the panties of course. This is so exciting, I can’t wait to see the expression on her face when I walk back into the kitchen”
How do you like this outfit Jess? Is this an outfit for a girl who looks like a girl, team captain? Oh that much really?” Jess, I like wetting also, I really love to pee myself I hope that is ok with you, that is why I brought a towel” teasing Jess with a beautiful view of your panties. And then I piss in my panties holding my skirt up.I fill up my panties teasing Jess the whole way.I want to come Jess, you have no idea how much this turns me on” I orgasm ‘ Jessica, would you like to wash and clean this naughty girl that I have been ? Come with me”
” Follow me upstairs Jess I want you to clean me please. I want you to clean me and then I will make you come.”





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