Pooping on Toilet 2nd time in the day


It’s the second time I’m going for number 2 today. Usually I go for Number 2 only two times per week so it’s very unusual for me. I am taking a magnesium powder supplements to help me with constipation. But the dose is really tricky to adjust. If I take just a bit too much I end up with diarrhea. This time I have an other episode of diarrhea but actually not so bad cause it was not completely liquid, there was some distinctive pieces in there. I am still wearing the same small red sports bra but I put a blue vest on top cause my appartment is so cold (I’m Canadian, hey!)

You can see the expressions on my face while I push. I don’t have to push hard cause my waste is getting out and doing pop sounds! It’s hard to tell if I am farting or expulsing something. Actually I think it’s both at the same time! Then you can hear one other plop. I try to push again but nothing else goes out. Now my asshole is burning and the smell is terrible. I read a bit of my newspaper to forget about my painful asshole. Then I stand up and take the camera to show you inside the toilet bowl. I zoom on my poop. I wipe my ass in front of you. I spread my ass cheeks to see if everything is clean. I wash my hands and flush the toilet. Then I clean the bathroom’s sink handles cause I’m pretty sure I put e-coli all over them and I don’t want to get sick. I light 2 matches to get rid of the nasty smell before to get out of the room.


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