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Pooping on the toilet backwards2Pooping on the toilet backwards3Pooping on the toilet backwards6Pooping on the toilet backwards4Pooping on the toilet backwards5Pooping on the toilet backwards1

Pooping in the Toilet Backwards!


I start by sitting on the toilet, with my jeans around my ankles, eating an ice cream bar! I’m talking to you while trying to push my shit out and passing gas, hehe! After I finish my candy bar, I take my jeans off, and sit backwards on the toilet. My ass is facing you so you can watch my turds exit my tight asshole up-close and personal! 😉 My tummy is cramping so bad and I have to strain hard but get lots of turds out! Finally a big, curved turd slides out of my tight asshole, and onto the toilet seat, before sliding down into the toilet bowl! Such a hot view and super sexy shit! Once I’m done I get up and show you my nasty, smelly shit in the toilet! Then I try pushing some more shit out before bending over and showing you my shitty asshole!


Length:  18:59s 
Resolution: 854x480
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 375 MB

Hi!  I’m a very fun, open-minded, naughty girl!  I love chatting, camming, making videos, and taking photos.  Most importantly, I enjoy teasing you, pleasing you, and fulfilling all of your deepest desires!  ;) Please come say hi!


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