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Reminiscing on the Toilet…


I’m just getting home from work and have to poo real bad but first you want me to tease you as I walk to the bathroom. I let out a huge fart in the living room and we both know it’s time for a big number two! Then it’s off to the toilet where I tease you in my suspender pantyhose and white granny panties before sitting on the throne! While on the toilet, I start to think about some of our escapades where we both had accidents and shit ourselves before making sweet passionate love…I fart again on the toilet while dropping some big loads which I get to show you before flushing it all down…now I’m horny 😉


Length:  14:28s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 497 MB

Hi guys! I’m ScarlettMarie and welcome to my store! I love to fart, shit out big poops and take the longest pees you can imagine! I’ve got it all on camera just for you! ;) 


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