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Shit Face Angle


If you’ve been wishing some sexy shit slut would shit on your face, here is your chance to get as close as can be to toilet slavery reality. Shit face angle means exactly that. With this unique camera angle, you will have the privilege to watch the load pushed out from my ass hole. You can see the turds fly down and hear them hit the target as if you where there. Open your greedy mouth as I piss and shit straight on your face. I stand right over the camera and get fuck in the ass until he pulls is scat covered cock to let the shit out of my rear fuck hole. I had saved my shit for two days before the shooting in order to deliver a full plate of nasty pleasure. Don’t miss this chance to become my toilet slave!


Length:  14:28s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: asf
File Size: 752 MB

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Aive and shitting! I’m a mature shit cunt enjoying a sticky life style.


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