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Awesome video. The 1st shit is a HUGE log that I empty out onto a plate on the floor while pissing on my floor at the same time. Extreme close up of my sweet shit sliding out of my tight butthole. The 2nd shit is an enticing log slowly emerging from my asshole. Don?t you wish it could be sliding into your waiting mouth as you consume my waste!! I do love selling my shit, by the way. The 3rd and final shit is much softer than the 1st two, but just as massive. This shit would be tastier, I?m sure because it would be easier to chew and swallow!! Yummy, yummy. Mandy?s sweet shit!! Eat it!! Enjoy!! After each shit I give you a nice long close up look at what I know you want to be your breakfast, lunch, and dinner!! 6 fabulous minutes of my perfect ass and sweet shit!


Length:  6:02s 
Resolution: 1280x720
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 174 MB


Yup, this is me! Glad to be here at to share my naughty side with all of you! 


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