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Sparkles’ Awesome Ass Shaking and Grunts, Plops & Strains!!!


I swear, Sparkle makes it really, really hard to NOT pick a favorite child!!! Each video she sends in to me is just, WOW!!! She has totally evolved from the shy girl who was so nervous when she began that she wanted me to blur out pictures in the background because she was afraid someone she knew would recognize her! LMAO I was like “1. Who you know is watching this? and 2. Why would they be paying that much attention to detail that they can tell its you by the pictures on the wall?” lmao. Now this girl is easily top 5 if not top 3 of all my ladies in three short months!! Enjoy as she shakes and wiggles that ass and lets out some nice plops in three awesome clips. Note in the first clip she was on her period. Great sideview angle in the 1st clip while she is at work. In the second enjoy a good rearview shot of her plops and loud grunting and straining. She gets nice and naked in the final clip, even getting on all fours to wipe herself right in front the camera!! I swear I would give her a month’s pay just to hit it from the back in that same position right after she took a massive dump!!


Length:  11:35s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
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For lovers of my old Clips4sale site, Ladies Keeping it funky is back – RAW AND UNCUT!!!  Nothing but unedited Grunts, Plops, and Strains from sexy ladies of all shapes, sizes, and colors!!  A diverse array of poop from a diverse array of lovely ladies from all over North America!!  Check here for the best in Natural Toilet action – with the occasional extras!! 100 % uncensored footage of Ladies Pooping and Farting!! If you are more into Natural Poop and EFRO, this is the site for you!!! Regular girls letting you behind the bathroom door!  Watch as these formerly shy ladies get more and more comfortable in front of the camera!!  For those that like women in the act of natural pooping and EFRO.  Be sure to checkout our other sites  and my Members site for content beyond the scat realm!! Also checkout My Partners in Crime Honey Brown at and  Stacey Short!! You can see Stacey Short right here at Scatshop at!!

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