Toilet Paper In My Asshole

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..Oh, what a lucky day for you, my toilet! I shit profusely and i want you to lick me inside shitty hole. I stuffed toilet paper in my butthole, camera centered behind my ass. You’re going to have to prove your worthy by cleaning my asshole each time I use the toilet. You will be right there with me with each trip sitting next to the toilet, eagerly awaiting my ass cleaning instructions when I am finished. Your face is going to be pressed right up against my asshole making it nice and clean with your tongue.❤


Length:  9:25s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
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1 review for Toilet Paper In My Asshole

  1. zorro1955-1 (verified owner)

    got damm, i love her nasty gross looking turd cutter. it makes me wanna suck on her turd cutter after she shit

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