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Snapshot 6 (12-12-2014 10-49 AM)

Turquoise Panties: Facing Toilet to Poop While Showing Puss Blood


I first drop my drawers and talk about how happy I am to finally buy a laptop. I take off my top and you can see my tits bounce out. I drop my panties and scratch my bushy puss and show off my my bloody fingertips. As I pull down my panties you can see the blood soaked kotex. I pick up lid of toilet to sit down and face the toilet. You get a view of me from above. I accidentally spray the back of the toilet, that happens because my hood is pierced and I could probably pee standing up if I chose. You can see the poop and the puss blood hit the toilet. I then pull out my bloody tampon. You watch me mop up the pee with white toilet paper.


Length:  6:27s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
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beigedressonebeigedressthreebeigedresstwoSnapshot 1 (7-17-2014 9-17 PM)


I am Goddess Emma Love.  Welcome to my dark world. I try to submit at least  once a month so please keep checking in.  If you have any special requests then please do not hesitate to contact me.

I finally got my own place with no more nosy room mates.  So I am now more flexible to deliver whatever your heart’s content.


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