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Uncomfortable Week


CUSTOM: A few days on period. THERE IS NO BLOOD IN THIS CLIP. IT IS A POOP CLIP with some period talk but NO period/blood play. I have such stomach cramps when I’m on my period, and part of the time I have very bad watery diarrhea & other times I’m a little constipated & it comes out a bit thicker, like a milkshake. I show it all. Five trips to the bathroom where I talk about stomach cramps, period cramps & how sore my boobs are. My boobs are out & rubbed for part of the clip, I show how I put a pantyliner in my panties, and I also show myself (fake) inserting a tampon. (Tampon insertion was fake by request of the customer who commissioned this clip, but all the POOP and FARTING is REAL.)


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