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10 Loads Of Shit: Smearing!


I’ve collected 10 loads of my own shit! I pushed each beautiful load of shit out and saved it in my freezer. Now all of those turds are defrosted and ready for me to play with them!

I start by dumping all of the shit out into a HUGE pile! I scoop up the pile of shit and admire the beauty of my shit! Each load is so different and sexy in it’s own way! I can’t wait to smear all of this shit all over myself! With this much shit I’m sure to get 100% covered in poop!

The first things I do is take the entire 10 loads and splat it right on my chest and cover my huge tits! Oh! My shit is still a little cold! My body will warm it up in no time! This shit is perfect for smearing! I am smearing it on really thick! I want to feel my shin covered in layers of poop! I want to smell like my own turds for days after! I get so turned on by smearing huge mountains of shit all over myself! This is one of the most arousing feeling in the world!

Watch as I cover my body in shit while taking dirty to you! This is an amazing scat smearing video!



Length:  11:01s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 1 GB

I love to giggle while I make fun naughty scat videos for you!


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