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21 weeks Preggo && Constipated For 3 Days


Yes the title is correct…What a perfect way to announce my pregnancy to scatshop! Even though I’m pregnant, that isn’t stopping the Queen from putting beta males in their place as MY toilets!

Beginning of video:

As I light my cigarette and squat down to talk to this toilet, I let out a silent fart….but it wasn’t just a fart after all…I guess my shit was really ready to start coming out before I got onto the toilet…so yes I shit my black panties a little bit. I shove them in this toilets face and make him smell the scent of my shit! I squat over it’s chest and my shit instantly starts to flow out into a huge pile! I was constipated for 3 days before this toilet served, so it was such a relief to let it ALL loose! The aroma is so strong…I cant even remember what I ate in those 3 days but I do know it’s one of the biggest shits I’ve ever taken! Pregnant women ten to shit more anyways.

So after I’m done shitting I stand up and have him open his mouth for my piss to be flushed! There’s also a lot that streams out of my pussy!

I grab my gloves and sit on this cuckys dick…too bad his boxers are in the way lmQao…he would never have the chance to even come close to any sexual activity with the Queen…that’s for real men only! As I’m sitting on his dick I start to slowing smear my mountain of shit across his chest…he should be begging to eat it but that’s for another day of training for him.

I verbally abuse this toilet cuck and make fun of his small pathetic cock and how its so hard for my shit! I bet he wishes he was allowed to cumm while smelling it but he’s on a strict no cumming diet!

**Full HD
**Nice belly views for those who are into it
** Many more pregnant videos coming soon!


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Resolution: 1920x1080
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