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30 LOADS! – Part 1 Smearing


And you all thought 20 loads was a lot of shit!

I had so much fun collecting 20 loads of shit that I decided to do it again! Only this time I collected 30 loads! I kept them in jars in my freezer. It took over a month to collect all of this shit! Some of it got pretty nasty! But that is what makes me the nasty, happy, shit girl that I am!

Watch as I show off my gigantic pile of poop! It is literally a mountain of poop! I have never seen this much human poop before! And it’s all mine! My delicious, stinky, tasty poop!

I scoop up some poop and write my name on my chest. I can’t wait to just smear it all over myself! I can’t tease myself anymore! I pick up a few chunks and throw it in the air! MMM!

I do my best to scoop up all the poop and get in all in my arms! There is so much! It immediately starts falling on my body! That’s when my dirty scat instincts kick in. I pour all that poop all over myself! I smear it into my body!

I cover my whole body! (Except my face and hair. That comes later.) Oh it feels amazing to cover my body in this much shit! I roll around in my kiddie pool and giggle and squeal and moan! I am just so happy!

I know you’ll love this video! I loved making!



Length:  7:57s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
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I love to giggle while I make fun naughty scat videos for you!


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