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A Week Of Shit – ALL


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This video is 40 minutes long! Enjoy the the entire weeks worth of poop coming out of my ass and all the naughty fun I have playing with it!

I love shitting! I love that wonderful feeling I get my my shit hole opens up and I push out a nice big load of poop! For this amazing video I’ve recorded every single shit I took this week! Seven hot, steamy loads of shit!

Day 1: I shit out a nice sized turd while laying on my back and talking dirty to you!

Day 2: I sit on the edge of my tub so it is like you are looking up at my big, shitting asshole!

Day 3:Watch a I back my ass up so close to the camera. I get so close so you can see every detail of that nice big load of fresh poop!

Day 4: I am out on my balcony. I have to be quite so no one hears me! I lean over the railing and pop my ass out! I don’t even need to push! All of this wet chocolate come pouring out of my ass! Woah! It’s a huge moist pile of poop!

Day 5: I give you a very nice view of my poop! I sit on my camp toilet with the camera below my asshole! It looks like I am sitting on you! Check out the little dingle berry that just does not want to fall!

Day 6: Today I am having trouble pooping. I feel a nice big load in my ass but it just does not want to come out! I have to work hard to get these turds out! But I feel much better when I do!

Day 7: Hurray! It’s finally day seven! I have quite the surprise for you! I have save all the shit from the last six days! Now I’ve got it in my hands! I am ready to poop out the seventh load right on top of my six loads of poop!

Every day this week I have shit out a nice load of my amazing fresh shit and I’ve been saving it up for some fun! Now it’s the seventh day and it’s time to poop out the seventh load of poo!

I pick up the giant handful of poop I’ve been collecting all week and I shit out the seventh and final load right on top of that moist, stinky pile!

Wow! This is so much poop! I love getting to play with giant piles of my stinky poo! I can’t wait to smear all of this poop all over my big juicy body!

I start by smearing the poop all over my tits! Then I cover my belly and my legs and my ass! I dance around and talk dirty to you as I cover my body in a week of shit!

After saving a entire weeks worth of poop and after smearing it all over my voluptuous body, I am ready to get really dirty!

I start by showing you my pretty brightly colored bouncy balls! I love playing with balls! I smear them in a bit of wet shit and then I start to shove them up my dirty asshole! I have a little trouble getting the last two in but I give them a nice hard push and they pop right in! I have a hungry asshole! It loves to swallow toys and cock!

After I get all the balls up in my ass, it’s time to poop them out! I push hard as one flies out of my ass! It bounces in the tub! How fun!!! I push the next two out and they bounce in the tub as well. But the last two I am having trouble with! I push hard but all that comes out is poop! I have to force them out! At last, they pop out and bounce in the tub!

Now it’s time to play with anal beads! Luckily they are all attached and I won’t loose any of these! I fuck my filthy ass with the anal beads and smear shit all over my ass! I love anal beads! They come out covered in poop! Yum!

My last toy is the best! It’s a giant black fist! I am going to fist my filthy shit covered pussy with a fist! I try my best to get it in my pussy but the shit is making the fist so slippery! I can’t get it in! I need help forcing this giant fist into my slimy shitty pussy! I turn the fist around and fuck myself with the handle! Mmm! That feels good! Watch as I fuck my shitty hole with this giant naughty toy!

Time for some more dirty, fun scat play! I am covered in a weeks worth of shit! I’ve gotten so horny after playing with all this poop and my fun toys. Now it’s time to stuff my pussy full of shit!

I gather up a nice big handful of poop and just start shoving it in my cunt! It’s sticky but I get almost all of it into my pussy! It feels so good being so full of poop!

I take my dirty hand and shove it in my pussy. I dig handfuls of shit out of my pussy! Man! I sure shoved a lot up there! My shit smells like my pussy now! How hot would it be to cover my face in poop that had been up my cunt!? Well, that is what I’m going to do!

I gather up two big handfuls of shit and smear it all over my face! I completely cover every inch of my pretty, freckled face with my thick, stinky poo! I get my eyes too! I look so pretty with my face coated in shit! I roll around in the tub and write my name on the shower wall! I feel so beautiful when I’m covered in poop!

I am completely covered in my shit! I’ve collected a entire weeks work of my poop and I’ve smeared it all over myself! After fucking myself and playing with my toys, I’m incredibly horny! I am so desperate to cum!

Do you want to watch me have a massive orgasm while I’m covered in poop? I rub my clit and talk dirty to you and give you a nice close up of my shit stained pussy! It’s not long before I am more than ready to cum! The orgasm rips through me and leaves me short of breath! I cum the hardest when I’m covered in poop! The dirtiest orgasms are always the best!



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I love to giggle while I make fun naughty scat videos for you!

1 review for A Week Of Shit – ALL

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Perfect. Buy it.

Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review.