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Bloody Filthy ScatOrgy. Part 3


AstraCelestial proudly presents.

Hello Everyone, let us present our new superior video full of filth of all kinds you could ever imagine.

First of all greet our new scatloving girl Aria, she is totally new to the things and it is her first scat experience and she need all the support you can provide.

Well, Aria wished to join our little but very nice shitty club and wished to go down into the pit of filth and we helped her with it,

Even if it was her first video, her loosing of scat virginity, we throwed her through the all possible hell of scat sex, including tonns of saved shit, filthy sex and shitting into month.

She got joy, we got joy, and we hope you will get joy too.

Ok, let’s return to our little conversation about male scat in our videos. We have got a lot of feedback about the subject and some people say that they do not like male scat because most of them are
straight and nit gays. This sounds a little bit silly because – see yourself, when you see man cumming on woman and you see his sperm or her face – does it makes you gays? When you see two man penetrating into woman in the same time
– does it makes you gays? When you see man doing piss on woman’s face – does it make you gays? And the same is about man shitting on woman – seeing this does not make you gays at all. If there would be two man
shitting on each other – this would be gay:)

Ok, now about scenes and parts

1 part. Solo Scene with saved shit, well. not quite solo scene, but, with little presence of Christine boy and Aria… well you will see it yourself.

2 part. Mostly solo of Aria with saved shit

3 part. Lesbian scene with saved shit.

4 part couple scene with Aria

5 part. Couple scene with Christine

6 part. Lots of male shit and couple scene with Aria. Beware of this one, Christine’s boy holded shit into himself for 3 days, and when he pushed it out – it torn his ass hole apart cousing fontains of ass shitty blood.
For real lovers of extreme

7 part. Lots of female shit. really lot. Mostly Christine scene

8 part. Female shit Aria scene and couple Aria scene. Grand finalle.

And iof course in the end – complete version… Ok, we must say right away that number of parts and its contents can be changed because in that day we have filmed more than 4 hours, video is too big, and maybe we will have to erase some
parts and in the end there will be not 8 parts but less.. we will see..

We hope you will get joy from our videos.
AstraCelestial team


Length:  22:02s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 2 GB


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There are no reviews yet.

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