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Can I Be A Cheerleader!?


I am so desperate to be a cheerleader! I want to be one so bad! I think that I would make the perfect cheerleader and I’ve worked so so hard to be the best I can be! I know that I don’t have much of a chance of making the squad but I am willing to do ANYTHING!

I start my routine. My moves are awful but I have such a short cheer outfit on. My pussy keeps popping out and I forgot to wear a bra! My big boobs flop all over as I jump and dance! I give it my all because I am so desperate to be a cheerleader! Finally my routine is done. I know I didn’t do very good so I start to beg the coach to let me on the team! I swear I’ll do anything!

My coach tell me he wants me to drink my piss. I am shocked and embarrassed but I know I will do anything to get to be a cheerleader! I grab a cup and piss in it! I look at my fresh warm pee and take a nice big drink! “Like this coach!? You want me to drink my piss like this!?”

Then he tells me he wants to see me shit for him. I don’t really want to but I know how bad I want to be a cheerleader so I squat down and push out some nice juicy turds for my coach! My turds look so good! I want to make my coach happy so I sniff my poop and lick my poop! I even put some shit in my mouth and chew it all up! Anything to be a cheerleader!

So coach? What to do you think!?



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I love to giggle while I make fun naughty scat videos for you!


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