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Covered In Mud


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wow…. this one really takes over as the new sparking gem in my poop vids collection – It’s not only my LONGEST poop vid at 30 mins but also my absolute dirtiest BY FAR. It blows my first poop smearing vid clear out of the water..hell, right off the planet. PERFECT bathroom audio level accompanies all the dirty nasty things you’ll visualize. I’m going to try my hardest to keep this description as concise as possible. I did the same for the preview gif and forced myself to a limit of 10 screenshots or it would have easily turned into 100 with how many highlights there are in this shit MOVIE – and to be honest…I kind of feel like with the price point I have set, it would be unfair to those who purchase to make a super long give it all away gif. So be ready for MANY surprises (poop covered ass twerking anyone?) throughout the 30 mins of raw, stinky, shit smearing fun that I did not screenshot/mention. Like I said – trying to stay concise and not turn this into a novel like I turned the clip into a movie.

I start out by taking a huge dump in front of the cam back squat style – then I get busy turning my body into a canvas for an amazing work of art. I start scooping up my hot, stinking poop and smearing it all over my body – legs, tummy, boobs and finally face. I wanted to be pure brown…cover every bit. Squish it between my hands and massage it into the skin of my whole body for a nice sexy brown finish. I am not nearly done though… I decide I’m going to add a layer of pee glaze and turn this poop body masque into a ripe and rotten messy mud pit. I pee into a bowl and waste no time in pouring it all over my body til I am thoroughly COVERED in squishy, slimy, going to cake on my skin bowel MUD. After it’s set I finish things with a very dirty shower. I clogged the shower with my poop bad! hehe I had to scrape the thick mud off my skin with my nails – you can see my nail marks streaking all through my poop and pee covered body.

P.S – I totally redid my custom request for jujupixie page so go check it out! I am now offering way more stuff and I added a TON of info!


Length:  27:40s 
Resolution: 1280x720
Download Format: mp4
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1 review for Covered In Mud

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    5 out of 5


    Jez + Poop = Awesome! Who woudn’t want to take that mud bath 🙂

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