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Curious girl


I wear a school girl skirt and a white bra and hold a little stuffed puppy. I say hi and suck my thumb a little, and show off my doll. I say that my tummy feels funny, and turn around to show you as I shit and piss myself (lots of pee). I act a little surprised and peek to see what happened in my panties. I dip my finger in it and lick it and sniff it, scrunching up my nose at it. I then sit on the side of my tub and squish around in my scat, having fun. I then take it out and take off my clothes to smear it on my pussy, stomach, and breasts. I have fun smearing it around for a while, before cheerfully saying bye. I act childish/young in this video. 5:21 minutes long


Length:  5:24s 
Resolution: 854x480
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 55 MB

I am an amateur scat girl who loves playing with filth, lots of giggles and smiles are had in my videos! Nothing makes me happier then playing with my poo and sharing the fun with you 😉



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