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Daddy Likes It


I come and sit down at the kitchen table you have what looks to be my favorite breakfast on the table, I take a bite and realize it is not peanut butter and I take a drink and it’s not milk. I am upset with this but you tell me that the doctor said to feed me this alternative because the others give me gas, I wont take another bite! It is gross, I try and leave the table but you wont allow it, I plead and still nothing. I really have to use the restroom daddy! Still nothing I think you enjoy watching me squirm around in my chair knowing any moment I may explode , I cant hold it I stand up and fill my diaper with pee , so much it leaks out the sides, I am upset and then I fill my diaper with messy poop. I am embarrassed and ask to go to the restroom, you say no and hand me a penis shaped toy and tell me to use it on myself while you watch. I do but I am not happy about it I fuck my tight pussy smearing my poop all over my bottom, I do start enjoying it after I feel how amazing I feel. After I orgasm I give you the dirty diaper and tell you that you cannot leave until your finished eating it.


Length:  13:35s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
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