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Desperate Panty Shitting


This video begins with me rushing through the door, telling you how I’ve been holding it and how traffic was terrible on my way home. I rush to the bathroom only to find a note saying the bathroom is out of order and the door closed and locked. I hear a repair man say he fixing my toilet. While holding myself, I try to go into the living room and say I’ll wait to he gets done and try to watch some TV. I start farting and farting unable to stop, trying to watch TV while I keep holding myself. I don’t think am going to be able to make it. I simple have to relieve this pressure on my belly. I try to sneak slowly taking off my pants while trying to hold my ass shut. I fart one time too many. I think I shit myself and show the camera skid marks from all the farting and holding and let out a little pee into my panties.I hope he doesn’t hear me with all this going on.I can’t hold it anymore and just start peeing more into my beige panties. I hear the repair man yell out that he’s finish fixing the toilet. I yank up my panties and take off running, peeing on the hallway floor all the way to the bathroom. I start pooping my panties and pull them down super quick showing the massive mess. I start shitting missing the toilet completely. At this point I say fuck it and fill up my full back beige panties with nasty grainy shit then show it off to you while verbally teasing you with it.I squat on the floor, shitting and pissing more, then mop it up with my already disgusting shit fill panties. Finally I turn around, exposing my filthy asscrack and asshole and puker up!


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