Desperate Shit On The Road!



I’m driving along a forest road and I have to poop! I have to poop so bad! I can feel my poo sliding out of my ass! I can feel my shithole opening up! I’m so desperate to shit!
This road is only one lane and there’s nowhere to pull over! I have to keep driving and hope I can find somewhere to pull off and poop! I usually dig a hole and set up my toilet chair but I don’t think I’ll be able to do that! I’m going to just pull over and poop right on the side of the road! Oh my god! I’m dying! I have to shit so bad!

Finally! I found a spot! I pull over and run to the dirt patch on the side of the road and I let all my shit come bursting out of my ass! You can see where I’ve already got poop on my ass cheeks from where it escaped my hole! I can’t believe I’m shitting in the dirt on the side of the road!

*I was so desperate to poop that my asshole is kind of out of frame for the best part! So Sorry! I added a special full length video of me pooping in the wild to help make up for my poor camera angle!


Scat 915 – Desperate Shit On The Road!



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