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Diapered In The Library!


I love wearing my big puffy crinkly diapers! They feel so good when they are full of my wet, warm piss! I love how safe and sexy I feel when I have a diaper rubbing up against my butt and pussy! I love going out while diapered! I never have to worry about going to public bathrooms and it’s so naughty to walk around smelling like pee! I always wonder if anyone will see my diaper peeking out from my short dress!

I love the library! I always feel at home here. I wander the shelves with my diaper on, flashing you and bending over so you can see the big puffy white diaper under my dress and tights. I am being so naughty flashing my diaper in public! What if someone saw me!? What would they say!?

I have to pee now! I pull up my dress right there in the rows of books and I fill my fresh diaper with pee! It feels so nice and warm and so naughty! I’m such a dirty girl!

Oh no! I think I need to fill my diaper with something else! I have to poop! I go back out into the stacks, lift my dress up, and push! I can’t make any noise because someone will hear me! There are people studying and working all around me! I push and push as hard and as quietly as I can! My face is getting hot and I start to sweat a bit as I start to fill my diaper with my poop! Finally! My turds bust out of my ass and smear all up my crack filling my diaper with fresh, stinky poop!

It feels amazing walking around the library with a diaper filled with piss and shit! I am such a happy little scat girl!

But sadly, I have to get changed now. I go into the bathroom and take off my diaper and show you! There is even a diaper changing station! And I brought baby wipes so I can really clean my butt!

Now it’s time to put a fresh diaper on!


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I love to giggle while I make fun naughty scat videos for you!


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