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Diarrhea incident – School Girl likes it huge!


I just come home from school. I have so many homeworks but first at all I wanna learn how to have my ass fucked by a huge black cock! I wanna be the best on this in future so i need to learn it better! Is my first time when i will be fucked with a huge cock like this, so I start to prepare my ass, I finger it, i pee and poop a little, and after that the real fun beggins. OMG Is so fucking big, my ass is so excited, ohh yesss i wanna put it inside so bad, I fuck my ass with this huge cock, ohhh GOD, I feel like im in Heaven, I fuck my dirty asshole so good, look at my big asshole, ohh this cock straight my ass so nice. And Upsss I don’t know whats happen but a big diarrhea is geting out of my ass, I’m shocked, but I can’t stop fucking my ass, more I fuck more diarrhea is coming out, hmm I don’t know the reason of this but I just love it! (I think is because the material of the dildo but who cares). I cum so bad with this huge cock, ohh God. This huge cock punished my ass because I was a very bad student, but what can I do if I want it again? Enjoy!
p.s.: Really was unexpected that diarrhea, but you asked so much about this and finally happens, so, enjoy dirty lovers!


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