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Digging for shit to taste and insert


I feel the shit in my ass, but it feels hard. I have a filthy idea! I am naked in my bathroom with my ass towards you. I push, but I was right my shit is hard and not wanting to come out. I dig my fingers in my asshole and begin to pull out hard little shit nuggets. Once I have collected all of the shit from my ass with my fingers, I lay down to play. I push my hard poop into my wet pussy. My hard poops are perfect to pop in and out of my pussy! It feels so hot getting so naughty with my shit! I start fingering my ass, gradually getting some hard shit balls on my fingers. I am so excited, I put my poopy finger in my mouth and sucking, and then putting my poopy finger in my pussy. I continue to masturbate letting the shit pop out of my pussy and then sucking my poop. I roll onto my back lift up my feet, to finger myself more deeply. I get even more creamy, soft, light brown shit on fingers, which I smear on my ass cheeks. Giving you a nice view of my filthy ass, Worship all of MY sexy filth! #71


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Worship MY Filthy Goddess Ass!


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