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This is the request,tell me if the acting speak it all.👇
I would want both girls to wear a loose fitting dress or something similar.

It would be good if the curvy girl could be a little bit dominant to start with by taking the clothes off the skinny girl and kiss her and feel her body then the curvy takes her clothes off and forces the skinny to lick her pussy. Then the curvy girl shits on the skinny girl’s body and the curvy rubs it on the skinny’s belly and pussy before taking some of the shit and rubbing it into the curvy girls own pussy. Really rub the shit all over the pussy and deep inside before forcing the skinny to again lick her pussy but this time covered in shit (spend a few minutes on this licking). Then the skinny gets excited and is willing to shit on the curvy girl’s face whilst she is squatting – I want to see the sexy curvy belly and tits here whilst her face is covered in shit. I then want the curvy girl to lick the skinny girls pussy which is already covered in shit (again spend a few minutes on this licking) whilst the skinny girl rubs shit into her own tits. After that I want them both to kiss to other with their shitty mouths (spend a few minutes on this). If there’s any more shit inside the girls I want them to do more on each other and rub it all over the tits and pussies then kiss whilst fingering each until they both cum.


Length:  14:54s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
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1 review for Dirty and Naughty custom request

  1. ERIC (verified owner)

    These filthy nasty sexy fuckin shit whores !!!! There are no other beautiful black Queen’s that deliver filth like this together. Mountains and mountains of delicious shit that make you want to bury your face,dick and tongue all up in their shit fill pussies . I wish I could marry them !!! This is a classic !!! For all you true shit lovers of black beauties and of course shit filled hairy pussy you need to purchase. Long live the Nigerian shit Queens ! 👸

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