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Dirty plate



I’d like you to start the vid by showing your beautiful body and then come close to the cam show your face and start dirty talking while saying my name(I use customer name in this clip few times)

After that comes the pooping part. I want you to poo in squat position with ass spread with two hands.

Then shit on a plate. Empty your ass as much as you can and keep pushing until your empty. When it’s done show the mess you’ve made close to the cam. If you want I’d really like you to sit on the plate after so that your ass gets really dirty and then your ass to the cam

After take the cam like you would take a selfie, show your face close and give a big kiss to the cam saying that you hope I enjoyed it.

I’ve added an extra scene at the end of the clip,where I show You my big dirty ass and tease you with it


Length:  8:26s 
Resolution: 1280x720
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 625 MB


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