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I am your very dirty secretary…


We have an important meeting. I do a lot of notes, but at some point I feel that I have to go to the toilet … I’m asking you if I can go, but you say that I have to stay … I feel more and more desperate and begin to plead that You let me go to the bathroom … at some point I can hold it any secon longer, and I am doing great shit in my white panties … You can not see anything. You begin to feel awful smell and ask me what happened … When I tell you, that I just did shit in panties you are outraged and want to quick me from your company … but suddenly you suggest me, that I can play with you with some dirty game and then I do not lose work… I agree and we both start to very dirty game …. you want to cum on my dirty ass? Want to see how much I’m bad girl?


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