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Eat It Or I’ll Fuck You Up!


I fucking told you to have the door open didn’t I?! You fucking good for nothing little cunt! Do you know what you did you idiot! You made me shit myself. This is all your fucking fault. LOOK AT WHAT YOU DID! Look at my nasty ass. Now I’m pissed and you’re going to take my fucking shit you small dicked loser! I am going to shit all over you while I humiliate you and verbally abuse you to no end. Now clean my fucking asshole with your little tongue. Eat all of the shit all over my ass and pussy NOW! Oh you stupid fucking cunt. I will teach you to disobey me. You I will shove this ass in your face and FORCE you to eat it. As punishment for your stupidity, your going to eat all the shit on the ground too. I dig my feet through my leftover shit as I shove them in front of your face to lick and suck clean! Lucky viewers are treated with a view of every angle of my shit covered peddies and close-ups of how it mushes between my toes. I even invite you to stroke your little cock while you clean the bottoms of my shit covered feet using only your tongue. “I’m going to shove these feet right down your fucking throat, hitting your gag reflex as my toes wiggle. Start by licking all the hard chunks out first and chew them up good!”


Length:  12:37s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 532 MB

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