Smushing and squirting round 2

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♡ this one was so fun to make!! ^.^ I wake up and immediately have to go. I waste no time getting on my back and playing with my hole. Slowly, some dark hard turds slip out as I push, feeling the pleasure of my hole stretching. As the last turd comes out, I gape and it feels so good that I can’t help but get excited and a bit creamy…. So it is time to smush again! I slam my ass into my load and smush it around as I rub my clit until I cum💕
Then I show you my nice smushed load and show off my dirty ass for a while😛


Length:  9:21s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
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4 reviews for Smushing and squirting round 2

  1. John (verified owner)

    I enjoy watching her eyes, she is definitely a gem!

  2. Caligula365 (verified owner)

    Definitely one of the best! Something about this video felt very intimate and I really really enjoyed that. Must be the eye contact. Hell yeah, it’s all about the eye contact! And when she’s pushing out her thick turd in the beginning, that teasing it in and out before she finally releases it results in a nice little drip of cum. So good!

  3. milespk (verified owner)

    Just when I thought her videos could not get any better, I am proven wrong. Very hot video and love the multiple camera angles and super intense orgasm this is the real deal and worth the price of admission :o)

  4. likkalikkahole (verified owner)

    Fantastic! Princess Ella knows she’s cute, she knows what dirty things us perverts want to see a cute girl like her do, and she proudly delivers. The poop was huge and she did it so erotically. Great orgasm that produced squirt AND cream.

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