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Enema Panties Pooping Collection


Check out this amazing collection of three of my dirty panties pooping and enema smearing videos!

Filthy Enema Mess In My Panties!
My asshole is so dirty! I haven’t cleaned it out in so long! I know I’ve got tons of shit stuck up in my shit chute! I need to give myself an enema and really clean that nasty hole out! I’m going to fill my asshole up with water and push out all that shit into my grey panties. I’m going to destroy my panties with all this nasty shit and brown enema water!

Are you ready!? Here it comes! Oh wow! Look at all that shit filling my panties! What a nasty mess! I’m destroying my panties with all that nasty shit! Oh gross! It stinks so bad! I wish you were here to smell this nasty enema mess in my panties! I can’t believe what a mess I’ve made!

Wet Enema In My Panties
I’ve got a big load of shit in my ass but I’m having a little bit of trouble pushing it out. I’ve decided to give myself a little enema so I can get my poop out of my ass. But I’m going to do it while wearing a pretty pair of panties! I want to destroy these cute little panties with a huge, disgusting load of poop and enema water! My shit is going to get mixed up with my enema and make a massive, wet mess in my pretty panties! I can’t wait to destroy my panties and get poop all over my ass! Here goes nothing!

Sensual Shitting And Smearing In Panties
Watch as I slowly and sensually fill my pretty panties with a big load of my fresh warm shit. You can see through my sheer panties as my turd works it’s way out of my ass. Look at the bulge in my panties growing and growing. I moan softly as my shit slides out of my poophole. It feels so good! Like being ass fucked in reverse!

My panties are filled with a hot steaming pile of my poop! It feels so good! I love feeling my shit through my panties! And I love smearing my shit all over my pretty panties and my big, sexy ass! Watch me destroy my panties by smearing them with my shit! My ass looks so sexy with shit smeared all over it! Oh I’ve completely destroyed my panties with my hot shit!



Length:  18:25s 
Resolution: 1280x720
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File Size: 983 MB


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I love to giggle while I make fun naughty scat videos for you!


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