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Feeding her Husband


I was very excited to finally have my first scat session with a couple. I held my pee and poo for over three hours. I needed to go badly! The wife told me she had been holding her pee as well with me. I was ready to spray my pee with another woman all over her husband. She wanted me to feed him my thicker Goddess shit since hers is almost always runny. It was very erotic having his wife behind me while he was under us both. He did not eat all day, so he was hungry and ready for my Goddess shit. I kept feeling more shit in my ass, so I needed my ass worshiped even more. I love having my dirty asshole licked clean by her husband. I shit a little bit more on each of their chests, and it was such a wonderful release! I look forward to feeding him more of my Goddess shit, and help his wife get into being lil more filthier! This was a very sensual and erotic feeding that Goddess enjoyed having another dirty woman with her.


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Worship MY Filthy Goddess Ass!


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