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Filthy Anal Plugging


I am ready to play wearing only a pair of colorful animal print hipster panties and my ass is poopy! I start fucking my ass with my black anal plug. My shit has lubed my ass up good! The plug is sliding in and out of my asshole so nicely. I tease my asshole with my fingers some, and then plug my ass a little more. I can feel that I really need to shit now, so I lay on my side with my ass facing you. I push and creamy log starts to pour out of my ass. As I am shitting, my piss pours out getting my pussy soaking wet. I am so hot, I begin sucking on my anal plug, and teasing my pussy with my fingers all while pushing out the last of my powerful shit. I rub my dirty asshole, and smear shit on my ass getting all messy. I insert my butt plug back in my ass and then sit on the plug, so I am facing you. I pick up a piece of my shit that is in front of me and pop it in my mouth. I bounce my ass on the plug, teasing my pussy with my fingers while sucking on my own shit.mmm Yummy!! I cum so hard when I’m getting filthy tasting my shit! Spitting out my shit so you can see the turd come right out of my mouth. I continue to fuck my ass with the anal plug and spitting shitty spit down my chest. I tease my pussy, soaking myself with squirt. I use the wetness of my squirt to make smeary mess down my thighs. I cum so hard! I want to give you some of my shitty spit. I come close and give you my precious spit. I spread my ass and allow you to worship my dirty asshole and the pile of my shit on the floor. #98


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Worship MY Filthy Goddess Ass!


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