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Fuck My Dirty Shithole!


Do you want to fuck my shithole? I know you do! I have such a nice tight asshole and a big, juicy ass! How could you not want to slide your cock right up my hole!?

It’s pretty nasty though! Don’t you think!? You know, that is where I poop from! You will probably get shit all over your cock if you tried to fuck me! Or I might just shit right on your cock! I am a dirty scat girl! If you want to fuck me, we will be doing it my way!

I dance around my living room talking dirty to you and showing off my naked body and my dirty little shithole! I know you want this ass! I know you are dying to fuck my filthy shithole until you cum!

I have a dildo that I pretend is your cock! I want you to fuck me but I really need to shit! I squat right over your cock and moan as I push a nice long shit right on to your hard, throbbing dick! It looks like I am growing a tail right out of the hole you are so desperate to fuck!

Now your cock is all dirty! I don’t mind! I suck my shit right off your cock! You are still hard even though you have poop all over your dick! And you want my ass! I let you fuck me! I even beg you to fuck that nasty, shitty hole of mine! You work your cock into my hole! It feels amazing! I am such a filthy girl because I am getting shit all over your cock and all over my ass! We are making a HUGE mess! I love it! The mess of my shit is turning me on! I want to taste your shit covered cock! I shit your cock out and and suck it so good! I get poop all over my mouth and on my teeth! I think I look so sexy with shit smeared all over my ass and face! I am so turned on! I love shit fucking you!



Length:  8:25s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
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File Size: 1 GB

I love to giggle while I make fun naughty scat videos for you!


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