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Giant 3 Day Load!


I love holding my shit until I feel like I am ready to burst! I suffer for three whole days desperate to push out a huge load of shit! I get off on the way my asshole clenches closed. It works so hard to keep all the shit inside of me! I always fart a lot when I hold my poop in for days. I never know if I’m just going to let out a fart or if it will be my poop!

This video starts after one and a half days of holding my poop. I am farting and starting to feel the desperate need to shit but I am going to hold it for another day and a half! My goal is three days!

Finally the day has come! I’ve held this big stinky load in my ass for too long! I am ready to shit it out! I get dressed up in my favorite sunflower dress! I dance around and tease myself. I know I can’t hold it for much longer but I love the way my belly cramps and my poop is trying to force it’s way out of my ass! I get all sweaty and cranky because I have to poo so bad! But as soon as I know it’s time to let it all out, I get so happy and euphoric!

I get down on my hand and knees and face my ass toward you. I am going to give you quite the show! I want you to see the turds trying to force their way out! You can see my little sphincter desperately trying to keep closed! But it’s too late! A little turd pops out! And then all this shit come BURSTING out of my ass! Oh my god! There is so much! It just keeps coming out! Like a big shitty waterfall! It feels amazing to finally get all that shit out after days and days of holding! I feel so turned on and so relived!



Length:  8:30s 
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I love to giggle while I make fun naughty scat videos for you!


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