Goddess Emma Takes A Shit Bath and Hair Wash

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First I strip down and bend over to part my butt cheeks. I squirt a big stream of water that it even hits the camera. I shit out the big turds and you can hear them hit the bathtub like bricks. I then sit down to enjoy my shit bath and wash my hair with the shit too.


Length:  5:04s 
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2 reviews for Goddess Emma Takes A Shit Bath and Hair Wash

  1. Paul (verified owner)

    A very good video. She really gets into her poop. She takes a bath in it!

  2. Juni (verified owner)

    One of the best standing ass spreads in scat porn that I’ve seen, made even better with some heavy peeing that lashes Goddess Emma’s shit while she squeezes it out of her ass. The shit smearing is incredible, especially when Goddess Emma turns around and spreads it all over her soft, plump ass cheeks, ass crack and back

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