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Goddess Parvati shitting over the dishes


Mistress Parvati just received a nice custom request : The slave must serves Her by doing all the domestic tasks in her house. She wanted him to wash all the dirty dishes and to prepare her morning coffee. But she didn’t know that her slave has secretly gotten greedy over her chocolate from her ass and wants more by any means necessary so he secretly decided to spike her drink with laxatives. Goddess kept him in chastity for weeks and he hasn’t got to taste her kaviar, for the same amount of time. She was enjoying the view on her balcony and caressing her sexy body dressed sexy. Her toilet bitch came to bring her coffee. The slut had a certain tonality when he said he brought my coffee. Slave was unusually happy and her coffee had an unusual vanilla taste. She thought that her slut wanted to surprise her, by buying her new types of coffee, but shortly, the pain started in her groin. She haven’t eaten anything, so she thought it’s because of that coffee she ordered to her slave. The pain intensified and she went desperately to the toilet room. She stopped in her kitchen and because she say the dishes weren’t washed as she ordered, she will shit on them. She shout at her slave to come instantly and she take him by the collar, to explain what happened and why she felt the urge to shit. First time, her slave denies everything. She slapped his face hard and then he admits. She take him by the head and showed him what she have done over the dishes, in order to punish him for spiking her drink with laxatives. Now he got what he deserve for being greedy ! She put him to worship her chocolate : lick it, smell it and smear it all over his face like a mud mask with special properties, while she was laughing and verbally humiliated him. She spanked his ass hard and played with his cock in chastity and laughed of the fact that he got wet. Then she felt to poop again and dragged him in her demolished bathroom, with her gorgeous butt over the bathtub and peed and pooped over his face and ordered him to smear it on his chest and put the rest in his mouth and chew it.


Length:  18:45s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
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There are no reviews yet.

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