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Going to Work!


I am all dressed up for work. I have to get to work soon or I’m going to be late! But I have to shit so bad!

I climb into the tub and lift up my dress. The shit just falls out of my ass I had to go so bad! What a HUGE load! Oh my gosh! That shit stretches my hole open!!! It turns me on so much! I know I’ll be late for work but I need to have some fun first! I pick up some shit and smear it all over my face! Oh man! My pussy is drenched! I finish covering my face in shit and I go get a glass plug that I can shove into my pussy!

Now it’s time to go to work! My face covered in shit and a toy in my twat! I think that I’ll just wash my face when I get to work. I’m so turned on I’m not thinking straight.

Next, I’m in my car driving to work. My pussy is dripping and so horny. I pull out the toy and lick it, then shove it back into my hole! I’m so turned on I’m not going to make it to work! I need to hurry home so I can masturbate until I cum! But first I’ll drive though a busy shopping center parking lot so everyone can see me! I wonder what people think when they see me driving around with my face covered in poop!

Finally I get home! Finally it’s time for my orgasm! And what an orgasm it is!!!



Length:  8:33s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
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I love to giggle while I make fun naughty scat videos for you!


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