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Help! My Toilet Is Clogged!


Oh no! My toilet is clogged! It’s been backed up for a few days! I can’t seem to get it unclogged! I don’t know what to do, because I REALLY need to poop! It’s been days since I went! I can’t hold it any longer!

My belly is cramping so bad! I am completely desperate and out of options! What if I can’t get my toilet unclogged!? What if I have an accident! I frantically try to unclog my toilet! I don’t want to poop in my pretty red tights and my brand new dress! How would I clean up the mess!? I’m not a baby! I don’t have accidents! I hope!

But it is too late! My asshole is opening up! I can smell the mess that is about to erupt from my asshole! I am about to have an accident! Oh god! it’s so disgusting! I can’t believe it! I am about to poop in my sheer, red tights!

Oh gross! It stinks! I’ve mad a huge, disgusting messy! There is shit all up my tights and in my ass crack! I pull my tights down and a huge moist turd plops down and splatters on the floor! Yuck! I can’t believe I just had an accident!


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I love to giggle while I make fun naughty scat videos for you!


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