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Hide And Go Poop


Laying on the couch I tell you I am so bored and I want to play a game, lets play hide and go seek, you hide first and I will come and find you. I count down and start looking, I find you under the bed so I crawl down and get you, now its my turn but can I go to the restroom first I have to poo, no don’t start counting yet that’s not fair! I run off and hide in a closet shut the door and sit down, as I wait for you to find me I fart in the little closet and it stinks so bad, where are you it feels like I have been waiting forever, I have to go poop so bad I fart and fill my panties with a solid shit. I cannot breathe in here the smell is so nasty , I try and open the closet but its locked, now what do I do! I have to wait for her to find me if she ever does, I start to touch myself I like the warm bulge in my panties I try and be quite but I get so into masturbating I orgasm so loud, she opens the door and sees me with poop filled panties and confronts me about them, I show her my mess and tell her I am leaving.


Length:  12:47s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 662 MB

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