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Holy Smoking Shit!


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This morning, one of My regular toilets came to serve. He loves MY shit, he just can’t get enough of it! But he has an even more peculiar fetish, which you’ll discover in a bit.

I had been saving up My piss for him, so when he arrived, I made him lie down on the ground and gave him a good drenching all over his chest and cock with My deep yellow morning piss. After that, I made him lick My arse for a bit (just because I really like having My arsehole licked before going for a shit) and then I took a big hard dump in his mouth. Once I was done, we moved on to his special little kink. You see, My toilet slave has a thing for smoking. So I lit a cigarette and breathed My smoke out into his mouth so he could inhale it through the shit. Apparently, smoked shit is divine! At least according to him! I used his shitty mouth as an ashtray too, since it was there and open, and waiting. Once I was nearly down to the bottom of the cigarette, I let him smoke on My red lipstick stained filter before finally putting the cigarette out in the big heap of hard shit filling his mouth. I then made him spit it all out so I could see how big My turd was, and I smeared it all over him. He’s going to stink for days!!!


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Resolution: 1920x1080
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4 reviews for Holy Smoking Shit!

  1. Profile photo of benki
    5 out of 5


    Holy shit ! This video is so damn good. Mistress Evilyne is of the best Mistress, her soft voice with that delicious english accent, her big beautiful ass are lethal weapons to her slaves. They immediately know there their place is when then meet Mistress Evilyne, Soflty but firmly, she makes them do what she wants, the way she wants. This video is another astonishing toilet training video with that gorgeous Mistress Evilyne that everyone should serve (so am i).

  2. Profile photo of alfarcher
    5 out of 5


    According to the fashion police, to look her best, a girl should reveal only one body part at a time. We are truly fortunate that in this clip Mistress Evilyne treats such advice with the derision it deserves. As she approaches her kneeling toilet slave she wears a dress, a dress whose maker skimped miserly on materials, a dress that all men will adore and all women will envy, a dress that reveals more than it conceals as it allows us to luxuriate in the delights of her sumptuous naked thighs, her sinuous, long arms and, most wondrously of all, her inestimable cleavage – a cleavage responsible for men and boys, the world over, waking to discover their sheets not quite so pristine as they were when earlier they had hopped into bed.

    Are you going to let yourself be drenched by my morning nectar?”, “Are you going to take all my shit in your mouth?” the lady politely asks. In contrast to the questions posed, her mellifluous voice is as smooth as honey dripping from a silver spoon. These are what is known as a rhetorical questions to which he, she and we know the answers. As he lies on his back we witness a stream of hot liquid cascade onto toilet. Mistress begins with his cock and gradually makes her way up his prone body until her first question is answered, most definitely, in the affirmative.

    But to witness the second question’s resolution is a scat lover’s paradise. We not only clearly see toilet’s gift emerge slowly from its source in stunning close-up but can actually hear it slowly squeezing its way from the divine body of Mistress Evilyne into his waiting mouth. And it is a big one. Mistress pauses awhile to poke the first chunk deep into his throat to make room for all that is to follow. When toilet’s mouth has taken in the whole dump the clip takes on a surreal quality and the viewer can sit back for several minutes to do what he does best. Imagine if you will, the camera brought in close, intimate even, and we are treated to a montage sans pareil: to the bottom left is toilet’s gaping mouth full to the brim with the very best that Mistress Evilne has to offer; above that is her radiant face, smiling and content, as she leisurely smokes a cigarette, her job largely complete: to the right is a superb bird’s-eye of view of Mistress Evilyne’s cleavage – where are the superlative adjectives when most needed – of which we can never, ever get enough. Finally, to complete this fantasy come alive we see in the bottom-right of our screen those adorable thighs and, oh dear, can this be true, Mistress, somewhat deshabille, has omitted to pull down her dress to cover her most intimate delights.

    This lengthy smoking sequence is unforgettable. As our eyes, never quite sure where to focus with so much on offer, take in this scene, Mistress takes her time to share her cigarette with toilet: she inhales, he gets the secondary smoke which, somehow, he sucks through his packed mouth. He also gets the ash and, on several occasions, the contents of Mistress Evilyne’s cleared throat. Eventually he is allowed to take the last few draws of the cigarette through the thick brown mess lodged in his mouth. How much liquefied to drain down his throat before its removal? Quite a lot I think. Lucky toilet!

    Lucky, lucky viewer!!! Buy this one.

  3. Profile photo of filthy puppy
    5 out of 5


    Mistress Evilyne is one cruel and demanding Goddess!! I never get tired of Her amazing voice as she degrades, debases, humiliated and just utterly puts Her slaves in their place. (She has such contempt and haughty disdain for Her submissives, yet you can’t stop listening to Her!) This video emphasizes Her pure essence, as She unloads right into Her slaves waiting mouth. Not very much chewing and swallowing, but that is all right as the focus is really on Mistress coaxing Her slave into appreciating Her precious gifts. And She really delivers in this one! I am definitely jealous of Her slave in this one, I’d love to be thoroughly trained and educated by the sensational Mistress Evilyne!!

  4. Profile photo of bardukk
    5 out of 5


    HOLY SHIT!!! HOLY SHIT FOR REAL!!! this video is a dream…i enjoyed it so much i did so much cum watching this…thanks a lot…this Mistress really likes to take a shit in a slave’s mouth…it’s the perfect Mistress for scat…it’s very hot with the smoking part…it’s a big nice plus…she even let the slave smoke with the mouth full of shit…if i was the slave believe me i’d had swallowed the turd and take it in my stomach with pleasure….please Goddess keep feeding pigs like me with your delicious smelly shit!!!

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