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Instructions on Smearing and Eating Shit


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Since I kind of left you all hanging in my Instructions of Eating video, I figured I would do my best to combine the two instruction videos so you don’t have to watch two separate videos. Now there is a seamless flow from eating your shit to smearing it all over your hard cock! And since you were so good at eating your shit, I’ve given you a very special treat in this video! Check it out to see what it is! (Hint: it starts with the letter O)

Eating: I love to eat my shit but it is so hard! It takes a lot of work and mental preparation to swallow a turd. I’ve found that it is much easier to eat shit when I’m being told to eat it!

Since you seemed to enjoy my instructional videos, I decided to make another one. And well, I kind of got off on knowing that you were doing exactly what I told you to do. It make me feel very powerful.

For this video you are going to need some fresh shit and a bottle of water.

I am going to talk you though what it is like to swallow your shit. You will follow along the video and do what I tell you to do. I know that eating shit can be scary but with my help, I think you will do great!

In this video you will be eating two turds and chewing a nice big pile! There will be lots of fun too, if you are good! I may just let you cum! ; ) You are going to be so good and make me so proud! I’d love to hear how you did so feel free to message me!

So get your load of shit ready and lets get eating!

Smearing: Now we are moving on to smearing shit! We are going to focus on cock smearing! I will be using a dildo and my pussy, you will be using your own cock. You will need a nice fresh load of shit for this video!

Follow along with me as I tell you how to smear your shit all over your dick! It pleases me so much when you do as I say! I love knowing that you are following along and smearing your shit just like I tell you to! I know I am probably going to tease you and not let you cum until I want you to. I’ll only let you cum if you are good. No cheating please!

This is one hot, sexy, and dirty instructional video on smearing! I am sure you’ll be just as turned on as I am!

I hope you enjoy this long, sexy instructional video! Please follow along with me and have lots of fun!

Please feel free to leave any positive reviews on my videos! They are very helpful and encouraging! Thanks!


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I love to giggle while I make fun naughty scat videos for you!

1 review for Instructions on Smearing and Eating Shit

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    5 out of 5


    Love this video watched it back to back she actually makes feel like your with her ! Very sexy i hope she makes more instruction videos.

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